We exist to support your vision through post-production, color, clarity and content. Here are some of the things we do.


Photo editing is the pulse of The Post Shop. With a seamless workflow, we take immense pride in producing the highest quality photo and video assets for your print, digital and e-commerce marketing.

  • Light retouching for clean up such as the removal of dust, scuffs, inconsistencies and blemishes.
  • Heavy retouching for more considerable changes such as compositing multiple images into one (e.g. people, tech, scenery, background, product packaging, and labels).


Color is emotive and critical to the execution of your creative work. Our deep expertise in color services and commitment to accuracy, innovation and artistry allows us to make your vision a reality.

  • Color matching for product accuracy.
  • Color changing for products and backgrounds.
  • Balancing skin tones to shade and tone accuracy.


Our work in action. Your story at every step of the process. We create inspiring brand storytelling through post-production and editing to engage your customers through video and motion graphics.

  • Enhance your video narrative with animation and graphics.
  • Reinforce look and mood precision through color grading.
  • Capture sensory tone and feel through sound mixing.